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Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ 05:11 pm Who Needs Tivo?
Everyone has a favorite show they watch religiously, but let’s face it. Most of us cannot base our lives around a TV show and if you can, I feel sorry for you. There has been many tools and techniques created to fill this void of missing our favorite shows. The VCR, THE DVD-R, Tivo and many more free and costly methods. The steps I am going to shows you can cost nothing to a couple dollars depending on how you plan on doing it.

First of all you need a BitTorrent Client to download the TV show you missed.

Then you need to access an engine like The Pirate Bay to download the TV show you missed. Please note you can also use this engine to download pirated movies, but that is bad.

I would suggest running your Antivirus software on anything you download from the internet, but I think that is just commonsense.

Once you have downloaded the TV Show, you could easily watch it on your computer w/ Media Player or any alternative player as long as you have downloaded the Divx Codec’s. If you want to watch it in your DVD players, you can easily burn the Files to a CD-R using the VCD method or DVD with your DVD-R Drive.

-Provided by Fakeboy
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