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The Hackers Corner

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The hackers Corner
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Over the years, hackers have been kept quiet by law enforcment and the media. The media is a controversial leech that drains the blood from innocently creative people, much like hackers and engineers.

The philosophy of a hacker is to understand the guts to everything that crosses his/her path. To search endlessly for knowledge. Creatively and productively exploiting that, to all people.

Nowadays, Hackers can speak out. Its more of a political movement than a crime. Hackers now have the freedom to have discussion groups, message boards, and websites all over the world. Hacker Cons gave hackers a chance to actually meet face to face, disregarding secrecy. This community has the purpose of bringing hackers together, whether you are experienced, or just beginning. You may even just be curious to know something. This community is free to all people. As all Hackers were once beginners.

Tips at no expense
-Ask as many questions as you can
-Always be creative
-Be yourself
-Don't make others feel inferior
-Hack Friendly

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